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File Explorer

Development Time: 5 hours
Complexity Level: Medium

(Details: the .apk file is to install on an Android smartphone, it runs the component on it; if you download the component project, the .mfs file is the project to open on Kalipso designer - to download the designer click here)

Simple Application to browse files and folders in the device. The File manager (KFileXplorer) is an application that can be installed on a supported device that allows browsing its file structure.
It features a predefined list of shortcuts to directly access the most used locations. The application also keeps track of previously opened files.

If an external SD Card is detected in the device, it will also allow to browse and open files from that location.

The application is also available as a Component that can be linked with any Kalipso Project, enabling the Linked Project to perform the same operations as the main application, and allowing to choose a location to save a file or browse a file to be opened by the main Application.

These are the functionalities that you can find on this sample:

- Browse Folders
- Open files
- Preview image thumbnails
- List view and Grid visualization options
- History of the most recent files
- Cut, Copy, Rename and Delete Files