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"Kalipso Studio definitely reduces development time and costs. I recommend this platform for the development of fleet management mobile applications because of its simplicity of use and wide range of functionalities." Rui Carvalho, Information Systems Director of Santos e Vale. 

About Santos e Vale

With an extensive knowledge of logistics and transport solutions and more than 30 years of experience, Santos e Vale make sure that your cargo will get there: on time, safely, and on budget.

On a typical day, more than 300 professionals, more than 250 vehicles work to provide high quality transport and logistics services.

The challenge

In logistics and transportation, a great portion of the workforce is always on the move and geographically dispersed.

It was necessary to create a fleet management information systems that integrate mobile devices, data communications, GPS tracking, and internet-based services to effectively manage vehicles, works, and other assets from a remote place.

Solution - Kalipso Studio

Kalipso Studio provided the perfect fit for our business needs. We chose Kalipso because it is very easy to develop mobile applications for Android and Windows, with reduced costs.

Our application is totally functional and it was developed in 2 or 3 months, on a part-time basis. If we count the total time, we spent around 1 month to build it. After a short learning curve period, the development process was very easy and intuitive, there was no need to request Technical Support to Sysdev.

The Result
Our fleet management mobile application facilitate a lot the way we manage logistics and optimize business processes. We can perform multiple tasks:

  • Management and control of daily deliveries/collections
  • Daily Activity Log (Fuels, Rests, Other...)
  • Warehouse Processes (query, inputs, outputs, inventory, cargo cubic content, ...)
  • Support requests to Internal Departments (Fleet, HR, SI ...)
  • Management and Incident Control (with photos)
  • Order goods collection
  • Internal documentation Query
  • Interconnection with Navigation System (GPS)
  • Contacts and Internal Agenda Management
  • Internal messaging system
  • Other specific features in order to facilitate the daily work of employees
  • Fully integrated with the central systems of all operational areas (Distribution, Transport, Logistics, Financial…)