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“The main advantage for BRIGHT is that Kalipso enables us to create new, reliable, and stable applications very rapidly” -- Johan Verhoeven, BRIGHT Software B.V.


Since 2000, Bright Software B.V. is specialized in developing software solutions for mainly the agricultural sector. One of Bright Software solutions includes one application for mobile devices, used for the identification and registration of animal transport.

The challenge

Animal management in the field, that will allow the farmer to select animals based on request details, e.g. age. 

Solution - Kalipso Studio

"Since we use Kalipso for over 8 years now, we are very satisfied with the possibilities. All of our previous applications are still in operation, of course in the newest version. The application could be upgraded without problems. Because the application proved to be reliable and stable, we wanted to use it for this challenge as well. Using the Designer we were able to reuse various components of other applications we built before. In the developed application the interface is organized, and the flow is very user friendly."

The Result

"The application we developed made it possible for the farmer to use management information in the field. There is no need of lists on paper anymore, and the user can update the animal details directly. The application can exchange information with the software program on the pc, using the MIS Communicator. In this way, the farmer can always use the latest animal information on his mobile device. If we encounter any difficulties in the future, we as BRIGHT Software, can depend on the excellent support team of SYSDEV. Until now, they were able to answer all our questions.”