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“Kalipso allows us to create professional mobile applications in a few days, without high standards of depth programming knowledge ” - Jorge, IT Manager, Vigosoft. 


Founded in 1997, Vigosoft it’s a Spanish informatics company specialized in development and implementation of ERPs management solutions in the industry and services areas.

The challenge

Create and develop mobile applications for outdoor and indoor such as warehouse management, production lines, winery inventories, to improve stock accuracy and boost management efficiency on production lines.

Solution - Kalipso Studio

Kalipso Studio was the perfect platform to answer all the market challenges and provided theirs costumers with mobile solutions, adjust to theirs specific need. “As a multi function tool, kalipso allow us to work , among many other features, with barcode reading, database connection, import/export files as well as GPS location in on the most of the application developed.We also have to integrate the projects developed with the ERP and deploy the same project for different OS, wich with kalipso, as a multi platform, become effortless, to do it so, saving a drastically matter of time, in what concerns deployment.” 

The Result

Mobile applications with stock accuracy with onetime data, improvements of warehouse management, easy printing labels and fast connection to the database, “ made of our applications a must have on the several industries and clients, that nowadays, keep contact us to develop more and more the initial application. Also, all the communications become easier with the powerful host communication profile, that comes along with Kalipso– Mis Communicator. With it, we are able to easily connect to the terminals and deal with any kind of operations in a more qualify way.