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“We would highlight the speed and the ease that we need to generate a mobile application, with a drastically short learning time, Kalipso become our “must have” to start developing professional mobile applications, with technical support from Sysdev, when needed” - David , IT Manager , Galimática,sl. 


Galimática founded in 1989, and based in Coruña, North of Spain since the first day Galimatica aim to provide their costumers with the highest levels of satisfaction day by day. Galimatica works everyday creating tools software and hardware, in order to make their costumers daily work more productive and effective.

The challenge

Results management at a golf course, that will allow players to record and check their results live.

Solution — Kalipso Studio

“We already work with Kalipso since its creation, so we could not be more happy and thrilled with the new version and improvements made during the years.

As the most easy app studio creator that we work with, we were able to deliver this Golf app after testing and training with this Rad tool very fast. Not only this specific application, but a large number of mobile solutions for all our customers, solving some issues that they have in terms of mobility.

Kalipso is very user friendly, allowing us to deliver apps quicker than ever, improving our offer to our costumers which satisfies their the mobility solutions.”

The Result

“This Golf mobile application allow all the users to check the results live saving time, and allow the players to get focus on the game. This project was started with the Kalipso beta version for Android, and right now with the latest version we were able to test the stability and the deployment for Android OS. Also we were able to deploy it with Google Play, allowing everyone to test this app, and this was also very simple and easy to do, once in Google Play there are no further costs for deployment."