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“Kalipso is a powerful mobile application generator that we are going to continue using to present integrated solutions to our customers” Pedro Rebelo, E.Engenharia.


E.Engenharia – Sistemas e Tecnologias de Informação S.A started in 2008 after a spin-out of the Electraçor IT department. Full time dedicated to the new technologies business area, E.Engenharia presents a large range of IT solutions for all the complementary areas such as Communication, Traffic Management, Technical Management, Safety Control and Energy Efficiency management.

The challenge

“Route accounting with ERP and database connection, through USB, Bluetooth, Wireless or GPRS.”

The Solution- Kalipso Studio

“After trying the demo version available and testify Kalipso’s easy interface and main features, the next step was to prepare everything to present to the customer and start developing the final mobile app for PDA’s. Kalipso is really user-friendly, even for the ones who don’t have much programming experience.

Additionally, Kalipso has features that fit in the largest and challenging projects. To complement all of that, this tool has integrated functions that drastically reduce the development time!

At this specific project, the final users of the app were persons with slight affinity to technologies, and Kalipso Studio helped us to create an app with an easily understandable interface and fast to use and manage.

Regarding the development time dedicated to this specific project, assuming that we have all the processes defined at the early beginning, the app could be fully developed within 2 weeks, and the implementation time, 3 days, but for this specific project we were asked to do it so in all the islands of Azores, so it took a few more days.”

The Result

With this specific project, E.Engenharia was able to deliver a mobile application that allows Truck Tracking, Data Collection, Start/End of the day, working online or offline, with an easy synchronization to the ERP system, for invoice purpose, improving the sales rates and accuracy of all the process involved in route accounting.