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About Astratex

Astratex is the biggest e-shop of feminine underwear, lingerie, and swimsuits in the Czech Republic. Their distribution channel is based on an online platform where its customers can visualize the articles and order the ones they want to.

The challenge

To manage all the logistics behind the stock organization and deliveries, Astratex searched for a personalized solution to implement a Warehouse Management System (WMS) in their storeroom, using barcoding methods. It was necessary to create an application to optimize this process.

Solution - Kalipso Studio

Kalipso provided the perfect solution for Astratex’s business needs. Astramobile, the WMS solution developed internally with Kalipso, is the application created by Astratex’s IT Department with the help and consultancy of POINT.X, a Kalipso distributor based in the Czech Republic.

The Result

Within just two months, a solution was finally developed and could be implemented. This application runs currently in 45 mobile devices (Zebra MC32 Handhelds), allowing mobile processes designed exactly according to Astratex needs and tightly integrated with their ERP. Because this application is to be used by warehouse workers, it was also crucial to optimize the user interface – something clearly possible to do with Kalipso.

Astratex is expecting to raise the number of mobile users up to 60 by the end of the year of 2017, due to the peak of the holiday season.

These are the key points in which Kalipso appeared to be the best choice:
  • Easy to learn platform, allowing the creation of a solution within just two months;
  • Possibility to integrate features such as barcoding;
  • Multi-device compatibility;
  • Development of applications that will integrate with ERPs and other external software;
  • Optimization for the user interface.

Astratex App Made in Kalipso