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Check the differences in the chart below:
Editions: Entry, Standard, and Pro.

Forms Management Yes Yes Yes
Local Database Yes Yes Yes
Code Flow (Loops and conditions) Yes Yes Yes
Serial Ports Yes Yes Yes
Sockets Yes Yes Yes
Synchronize via serial ports Yes Yes Yes
Synchronize via TCP/IP (WIFI, GPRS, #G, USB,...) Yes Yes Yes
FTP Yes Yes Yes
Ping MIS communicator Yes Yes Yes
Files (Txt, Ini, Zip) Yes Yes Yes
Date Time / Timers Yes Yes Yes
Wedge Mode Barcode Yes Yes Yes
Native barcode reader Sysdev Kalipso Sysdev Kalipso Yes
Battery / Memory / Management  Yes Yes Yes
Camera Yes Yes Yes
Looper Yes Yes Yes
Charts Yes Yes Yes
HTML Control Yes Yes Yes
Switch button Yes Yes Yes
Javascript Yes Yes Yes
Action sets (Global and local procedures) Yes Yes Yes
Print documentation Yes Yes Yes
Portrait / Landscape mode Yes Yes Yes
Global and local variables Yes Yes Yes
Hardware and licensing mode Yes Yes Yes
Free Runtimes Yes Yes Yes
Designer Multi Instance No Yes Yes
SQL Advanced No Yes Yes
Transactions No Yes Yes
Connect to SQL Lite database No Yes Yes
Threads No Yes Yes
Manipulate control draw No Yes Yes
Encrypt / Decrypt / Checksum No Yes Yes
Zip files No Yes Yes
Image Manipulation No Yes Yes
Planes on forms No Yes Yes
Send SMS / Make phone call No Yes Yes
MIS communicator send, receive and list remote files No Yes Yes
MIS communicator remote control ( No Yes Yes
MIS communicator rum remote process / Shell execute No Yes Yes
MIS communicator print on pc No Yes Yes
EAN 128 barcode parser / Generation EAN 128 barcode No Yes Yes
Remote databases (ODBC/OLEDB) No Yes Yes
Graphic themes No Yes Yes
Execute stored procedures No Yes Yes
HTTP request No Yes Yes
HTML execute javascript No Yes Yes
Report editor No No Yes
Project / component link No No Yes
Sensors No No Yes
Push notifications No No Yes
Keyboard / Mouse emulation No No Yes
Web services No No Yes
Read / Write registry No No Yes
Multi language No No Yes
RFID No No Yes
Monitor No No Yes
Email No No Yes
XML import / export No No Yes
Libraries No No Yes
Documentation No No Yes
Task list No No Yes
Project link  No No Yes
NFC No No Yes
JSON No No Yes
Execute external DLL's No No Yes



This Entry version will allow you to begin designing your own Kalipso applications. It will get you comfortable with the interface and develop projects using with local databases, global and local variables. Barcode wedge scanning is supported too. In terms of synchronization, this version will provide you with connections to your host via serial ports and/or TCP/IP (WiFi, GPRS, 3G, and USB). Import/export is via files (txt, INI, ZIP), allowing you to exchange data, between your device and the host.


Kalipso Studio Standard edition is recommended for simple professional mobile applications with forms creation available and ODBC communication with free deployment on terminals and host communication.


Kalipso pro Edition is recommended for all the users that want to develop large projects and need to have access to all the action and function on Kalipso. This Pro edition has ODBC Connection available, Barcode SDK’s integrated, Graphical Report writer, Webservices, RFID SDK’s integrated, many other features that will allow you to put your projects into practice.


To know more information about prices and other commercial details you can simply access our Live Chat down right on this window from 9h30 to 18h00 GMT, or send a request to our sales department here. We promise that we will answer you.