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Kalipso Granted IT Development Software Distinctions by Platform for Software Reviews

Kalipso Granted IT Development Software Distinctions by Platform for Software Reviews
Our team feels proud to share with you that our mobile app generator has just become the winner of Rising Star Award for 2018 and won as well a Great User Experience Award delivered by FinancesOnline. This reputed software review platform featured our product in a detailed Kalipso Studio overview, where their experts enthusiastically analyzed how Kalipso lets you create and develop your own apps without having to tweak lines of codes.

FinancesOnline has a team of experts working to analyze solutions related to B2B processes, including Software Development Tools. According to them, Kalipso is a platform that matches expectations. Deployment and implementation are immediate. No coding is required, which equates to faster development and increased ROI.

Apart from these two awards, we also figured in their list of top IT development software and IT Management Software on here.

As mentioned in the review, the simplicity of creating apps with no need to deal with codes means you save on costs. You don’t have to hire professional app developers and dedicate essential resources for your app-building projects as you can do it yourself. You can create as many applications as you need without any fear of extra chargers. The best part is that Kalipso Studio apps can support multiple languages and can be deployed to all popular operating systems and devices in the market today.

If you are thinking about trying Kalipso Studio, you may find your reason for this great review provided by FinancesOnline.